It’s my honor to serve as President of the APPNE for the year 2020-2022. 18 years ago, a group of Pakistani Physicians came together and decided to form the New England Chapter of APPNA and since its inception, APPNE members have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people both in Pakistan and in the US. I have been affiliated with APPNE for over 8 years and have served in various capacities in the organization. I have been genuinely impressed with the sincerity of its members who work as a team towards a common goal of a better world.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has exposed deep faults in our healthcare delivery system and has threatened the financial stability of many. APPNE Physicians are working in front lines in healthcare facilities across New England and supporting their colleagues in Pakistan.

Last year, Pakistan faced another healthcare crisis in the form of HIV. APPNE launched educational webinars for healthcare workers and will continue to support our efforts to fight the HIV/AIDS crisis in Pakistan by raising funds to provide HIV testing kits to the HIV Clinics in the affected areas. APPNE has just launched its free Psychiatry Service in the face of a coronavirus pandemic which has exacerbated mental health issues among our community members. APPNE will offer free flu vaccination service this fall and support our young Physicians with career counseling.

Over the next 2 years, my goal will be to expand our charity work to make an impact on the lives of people in our communities, seek excellence in healthcare and education and increase networking efforts to bring together more than 350 Physicians & Dentists of Pakistani Descent in the New England area.


Yousaf A. Shaikh, MD FACP 
APPNE 2020-2022