I am honored to serve the Association of Pakistani Physicians of New England as President starting May 2022, with the hope to achieve a few goals in the next two years with the help of our board and working committee. We plan to continue the provision of Influenza and COVID vaccination in our communities across New England. Blood donation drives have been running successfully over the last few years. We plan on continuing to set up the camps in collaboration with the American Red Cross twice a year to create awareness in our community.APPNE’s fall function which was held with the theme of “history and evolution of Urdu language” was a huge success We are extremely grateful for the research by Dr Daniyal Siddiqui to make this a successful endeavor. Stay tuned for part II of this in the fall. 

HIV outbreaks in Pakistan continues to be an issue, I really appreciate Dr Fizza Gilani’s efforts in terms of taking the lead on that matter. Under the leadership of Dr Gilani, APPNE organized numerous webinars to educate doctors in Pakistan.

My vision is to increase the membership of APPNE by reaching out to all the physicians in the area. We need to engage them in a way to add more meaning to their membership to make a difference in our community. It’s important to note that along with our physician members our non-physician volunteers especially youth have been an integral part of APPNE’s events, we will maintain a log of them and continue to engage them. I plan to utilize APPNE as an organization to instigate a “Mentorship initiative”. My vision is to roll it under three subcategories: at the level of high school students, undergrad students and physicians as junior faculty. We have so many accomplished and senior physician members in our organization, it would be ideal to use their skills and experience to guide and inspire younger generation.

Dr Daniyal and Schrukh has volunteered to take a lead on this so please reach out to them if you are interested. We will continue to host our 2 annual picnics in summer and fall for all the members and their families, sponsored by APPNE working committee. APPNE successfully organized numerous webinars last year to improve awareness among our Pakistani community and will continue to do so throughout the year. Here I would like to pay special acknowledgement to the APPNE working committee, without their tremendous hard work despite their busy schedules, execution of all these events would not have been possible.

APPNE as an organization believes in collaboration with other Pakistani organizations in the New England area including PAGB, OPEN,TCF and SIUT. I as an incoming President, am very excited and humbled to take on this role and request your support. My precedent Dr Yousaf Shaikh has worked really hard over the last 2 years despite the pandemic to take APPNE where it is today, and I pledge to take the organization forward. Whether you are a physician or non-physician we would be happy to deploy your skills. Please feel free to reach out to me through our website appne.org. Let’s make APPNE more meaningful and successful in the next two years.



Saud Javed, MD  


APPNE 2022-2024